Purchasing Prints

All of the photographs in the portfolios section of this web site were made using what I call the Classic Photographic Process: I photographed the scenes on medium or large format black and white film, processed the negatives and hand-printed and developed the prints in the darkroom to archival standards. I use traditional fiber based, light sensitive photographic paper, not inkjet, "giclee," or other digital materials or processes. 

I print on 3 different paper sizes: 8x10", 11x14", and 16x20", leaving a 1/4" border. As I believe the final print dimensions should be driven by the composition and not the paper, not every print on, for example, 11x14" paper will be 10-1/2 by 13-1/2". Sometimes the picture needs to be a square, which using the above example would measure 10-1/2x10-1/2". When the composition works, I like to print panoramas such as 5x13-1/2". Often, variations from standard dimensions are very minor.

All prints are mounted on 2 ply museum grade mount board, and are float matted with 4 ply museum grade mat board. Prints made on 8x10" paper are matted using 11x14" boards so that the print can be easily and economically framed in a ready-made 11x14" frame (not included.) Larger prints are mounted and matted using boards proportionally sized to the photograph.

Neutral and cool tone prints are matted on white board; sepia toned and lith prints are matted using warm white boards. All prints are supplied with foam core board for protection during shipping and for use in framing. Please call or email if you have questions on the exact size of a specific piece, to discuss larger or smaller print sizes, or if you have different matting preferences.                    


Mounted & matted prints on 8x10 paper as described above: $75.

Mounted & matted prints on 11x14 paper as described above: $150.

Mounted & matted prints on 16x20 paper as described above: $300.

Price includes shipping to any address in the continenal US. Please call or email for a shipping quote outside the continental US.

Please call or email if you are interested in purchasing a print.

A selection of my photographs can be seen and purchased at: