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roast pig
Cerdo Asado (Roast Pig)
Salted paper print

Outside of the town of Viñales, Cuba lives Alberto Vitamina and his family. I met them quite serendipitously while driving around the area with a group of photographers that I accompany to Cuba every year.

The family was spending a warm Saturday afternoon outside of their house. As we drove by, group leader Steve Anchell of anchellworkshops told the taxista to stop, and sent our guide Anay Fumero Garcia over to see if we might photograph around their farm. They readily agreed, and we spent the next several hours getting to know this wonderful family.

It turns out that along with growing tobacco and other crops, Alberto hunts pigs that feed on acorns in the limestone mogotes near his farm, which he roasts over a wood fire and serves to groups such as ours.

The next year we returned to Alberto's farm and enjoyed a full Cuban dinner of carne asada, black beans and rice, fried plantains, and yucca, probably the best food that I have eaten in Cuba.
with a full Cuban dinner